VolkerFitzpatrick and Green Biofuels lead the way in improving local air quality and reducing greenhouse gases

Green Biofuels’ diesel alternative, GREEND+, will save VolkerFitzpatrick up to 4000 metric tonnes of CO2e emissions every year


down carbon emissions across the whole of VolkerFitzpatrick’s UK Rail enterprise. 

GREEND+ is the leading HVO based (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) fuel that significantly reduces NOx and total particulates, as well as carbon emissions, giving the lowest emission of any advanced fuel for replacing standard diesels in plant and equipment on construction sites. Crucially, GREEND+ can be used without any changes to equipment or fuel tanks meaning companies can engage with climate change with no costly upgrades to machinery or equipment.


VolkerFitzpatrick is the first construction company to adopt GREEND+ across its entire rail network – including rail sites in Dagenham, East London; Hendon, NW London; Lossiemouth, Scotland and Littleport, Norfolk. The agreement helps drive its vision of being a frontrunner in improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions – as well as ensuring ongoing environmental, social and business sustainability. GREEND+ will reduce VolkerFitzpatrick’s overall CO2e emissions by up to 4,000 metric tonnes per annum.


GREEND+ has a similar chemical structure to regular diesel, delivering the same performance, but with massively lower emissions. Independent tests at the Millbrook specialist vehicle testing facility have shown that compared to standard diesel emissions, GREEND+ has a 77% reduction in particulates, and a 29% reduction in Nitrogen Oxides, thanks to a special additive not found in any other HVO fuel. This means that emissions contributing to climate change are reduced, as well as pollution affecting the local air quality. 


GREEND+ has already been widely adopted in the UK as a drop-in diesel replacement by centrally fuelled fleets – on-road, off-road – and in back-up power applications, where it helps to meet the Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) and the Non- Road Mobile Machinery requirements for improved air quality. 

VolkerFitzpatrick is one of the leading engineering and construction companies in the UK and provides specialist building, civil engineering and rail expertise to provide a truly integrated service to clients. The company has delivered successful projects in a wide range of industries, including commercial, industrial, education, rail infrastructure and depots, airports, waste and energy.

John Cox, Managing Director of VolkerFitzpatrick’s Rail division, stated: “We are delighted to have taken the steps to fulfil our commitment of improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions in our business. We believe we are the first construction company to take and implement the decision to adopt GREEND+ across our operations. The ability to use a total drop in replacement fuel without any capital expenditure or changes to any of our equipment was a significant reason for adopting GREEND+, which is a hidden gem of a product.”

William Tebbit, CEO of Green Biofuels Limited, commented: “VolkerFitzpatrick is a market leading business that has the vision and integrity to adopt GREEND+ across its business. We hope that our customers, who have already reduced CO2e emissions by 53,000 metric tonnes to date, will build up to over 250,000 metric tonnes over the next year as GREEND+ continues to replace standard dirty diesels. The advantage of using our fuel is that it has an immediate impact on air quality, something we all aspire to.”

VolkerFitzpatrick, the multi-disciplinary construction and engineering company, and Green Biofuels, provider of low emission fossil-free fuel for fleet and infrastructure operators, have teamed up to bring