ULEZ will help London's clean air

Green Biofuels welcomes the introduction of the 24 hour Ultra Low Emission Zone in London today to help reduce harmful air pollution.

Pollution is a serious issue in the UK, and it is encouraging that the Mayor of London and local authorities are prioritising clean air. However, with the introduction of clean air zones not just in London but in towns and cities across the UK, the pressure is on to find a commercially viable alternative to fossil fuel so that fleet operators can keep doing their job.

The Greater London Authority is taking a step in the right direction with its announcement that from today 6,950 buses (75% of all TfL buses) – including all buses operating in the ULEZ zone -meet or exceed the

News, ULEZ will help London's clean air

new emission standards. But the goal that by October 2020 every bus in London (9,200 Buses) will meet or exceed the ULEZ standards can be improved.


Our GREEND+ biofuel  is an immediate solution for large fleets of diesel vehicles to reduce harmful emissions, without huge expense. In Q1 of 2019, Green Biofuels customers saved an impressive 11,000 tonnes of carbon and we are estimating greater savings in Q2.


While the ULEZ is part of the solution to clean air, more businesses must take up the environmentally friendly solutions available to them now, while new technologies and advanced fuels are developed.


GREEND+ is crucial in bridging the gap between the highly polluting diesel of today and the electric fleets of tomorrow.


William Tebbit, CEO of Green Biofuels:


“We understand that many fleet operating businesses have been worried about the introduction of the Ultra Low Emission Zone. Not just how the new charges will impact their bottom line but also the cost of upgrading their vehicles. Our fuel offers an immediate solution, doesn’t require costly modifications and reduces air pollution instantly. It’s a common-sense cure to clean air.”​