William Tebbit

Chief Executive Officer

Following an 18-year career in the City of London where William was head of UK M&A at West LB, he then worked in the real world as CEO of businesses in the UK and UAE. He was a founding partner of a Trade Finance Business that was funded by Macquarie Bank Limited to whom he sold his interests in 2015. He then became involved in renewable energy assets building, funding and selling 25MW of assets to a major industrial group in 2017.

Paul Mills

Managing Director

Paul’s background is financing and managing companies in the resources sector. He trained as a banker, working at ANZ in London and Sydney, later running the commodities desk at ING London. He worked in commodity trading companies for 10 years, both in finance and commercial roles, managing physical trade flows, investments, operating businesses and risk. He has often worked with fast growing companies and has led several acquisitions and integrations. Most recently he was CFO of a £250M industrial resources business.

Magnus Hammick

Chief Operating Officer

Magnus Hammick iChief Operating Officer of GBF Ltd. He has developed the transformative products in renewable fuels, like GREEN D+ which are playing a big part in reducing emissions caused by diesel engines. He leads a team that are developing clean fuels that are world class in efficiency in providing Cleaner Air both locally and globally. He has expert knowledge of intellectual property and brand licensing channels.