Red Funnel Ferries

Red Funnel Ferries

Change of fuels for Red Funnel Ferries resulted in significant emissions reductions of NOx and in TPM

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Red Funnel Ferries were determined to reduce GHG and improve air quality without incurring huge capital expense of replacing existing Ferries or re engine its two main Ferries running between Southampton and the Isle of White. 


GBF’s Solution

A trial was conducted on board a roll-on, roll-off ferry plying the water between Southampton and Isle of Wight. One of the two propulsion engines was fitted with gas analyser equipment to measures H2O(g), CO₂, CO, N2O, NH3, CH4, HCHO, NOx - as NO2, TOC (total organic compounds) and O2 in the exhaust stream. The total particulate matter (TPM) emitted by the engine was also measured.  The ferry used in this trial was the ‘Red Falcon’, a Raptor class vehicle ferry class IV, built in 1994. Emissions monitoring was provided by Exova Ltd (reference SSP Reference CSW-SSP 3228). Trial management was provided by Green Biofuels Ltd. The ‘Red Falcon’ fuel trial was conducted between 7th May 2018 to 25th May 2018. 


The change of fuels from MGO to GD+ resulted in significant emissions reductions of NOx (around 30%) and in TPM (of around 70%).