Green Biofuels approved as a UK Business Climate Leader

The UK Business Climate Leaders campaign is part of the wider Together for our Planet campaign and aligned to the global UN Race to Zero - one part of a massive global effort to tackle climate change.  It is run by the UK government with a number of UK partners, and encompasses all the campaigning activity in the lead up to the international climate change conference in November 2021 - COP26.


Zemo partnership approves Green Biofuels as the first HVO supplier under the Renewable Fuels Assurance Scheme

The Renewable Fuels Assurance Scheme has been created and is managed by Zemo Partnership to provide independent verification of the GHG emission and sustainability performance of high blend renewable fuels used in road transport, including biofuels and renewable hydrogen.

United Living, Fast Flow Group

United Living subsidiary Fastflow strides forward on its net-zero target by using GREEN D+ HVO

United Living Group, strive to be a sector leader as the UK works towards net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Fastflow Group, a subsidiary of United Living Infrastructure Services, has set an ambitious target to become carbon net-zero by 2030, a full twenty years ahead of Government targets. 

Speed Servcies truck fuelled by Green D + HVO

Highway maintenance contractor Carnell plans to expand its use of GREEN D+ HVO fuel after trials confirmed a 90% reduction in CO₂e emissions

Carnell replaced its regular diesel usage with Green D+ hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) fuel to power lighting equipment and the site compound for a Highways England central barrier upgrade on the M6.


Green Biofuels and Power Electrics Meets Stage V

Following two years of research and development, and working in conjunction with its partners Green Biofuels, generator specialist Power Electrics is excited to announce its Ultragen range.


To raise environmental awareness the new electric off-road racing series Extreme E selects Green D+ as a supplier

Green Biofuels, the UK’s leading provider of low emission, high performance paraffinic fuel, GREEND+ HVO has become a supplier to the new electric off-road racing series Extreme E, providing its renewable diesel alternative to the championship.


The Telegraph reports that HS2 generators must switch to 'green diesel', MPs urge

Diesel-powered generators and vehicles are expected to run 24/7 for the next two decades on HS2 construction sites


Coronavirus Update 2021

Following the commencement of new restrictions in the UK, we continue to ensure that the health and welfare of our team, partners and clients are at the forefront of our business. 


Motor Transport website features Green Biofuels

Motor Transport website features Green Biofuels’ comments on the need for grown-up environmentalism.  Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, we have been reminded time and again this year of the urgency of dealing with the climate crisis.

new DAF tanker.jpg

Green Biofuels’ Distribution Partner, New Era Fuels launches new DAF CF 340 FAN in GREEN D+ livery

New Era Fuels has taken delivery of its latest DAF CF tanker, as the company ramps-up its ‘go-green’ message with the supply of GREEND+ HVO – the markedly cleaner and renewable alternative to diesel – to its domestic and commercial customers.


New international scale tourism destination, PEAK, selects Green Biofuels as construction fuel partner

PEAK, a phased development of an all year leisure, education, wellness, and entertainment destination has selected the UK’s leading provider of HVO fuel, Green Biofuels, as the sole provider of fuel for the construction of the site in order to fulfil its journey to sustainability from the outset.

EIC image.jpeg

Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) latest research released this Clean Air Day.  Encouraging Alternative Fuels could save more than 1,250 lives a year.

  • Encouraging alternative low emission fuels such as Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) as an interim measure on the road to an all-electric future could save more than 1,250 lives a year, according to the EIC

News, Motor Transport logo, magazine features Green Biofuels

Motor Transport Magazine features Green Biofuels “the UK’s leading hydrotreated vegetable oil fuel”

  • Steve Hobson, editor of Motor Transport Magazine reports on Green Biofuels’ product, GREEND+, “Since starting up seven years ago Green Biofuels has become the leading supplier of HVO fuel – and the market keeps on growing.

News, Speedy Hire using fuel product by Green Biofuels and Fuelbox

New green fuel product for the off-road market catches eye of Speedy Hire Plc

  • FuelBox and Green Biofuels have together launched a brand new renewable, fossil-free, low emission fuel product for off-road vehicles which has already been taken up by Speedy Hire Plc, the UK’s leading tools and equipment hire company.

News, British off-road machinery operators can minimise CHG emissions

British Off-Road Machinery Operators Urged to Adopt Stage V Compliant Generators

  • British off-road machinery operators have the opportunity to radically improve air quality and minimize their green-house gas (GHG) emissions, thanks to a series of Stage V generators that meet the Non Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) emissions standards for mobile power.

News, John Powell Racing using GreenD+ at British Truck Racing Donnington

John Powell is racing for Net Zero Carbon with Green Biofuels 

  • Green Biofuels is pleased to announce that the company will be sponsoring John Powell Truck Racing for the remaining 4 races of the 2020 British Truck Racing Association Championship 2020. 

News, Environmental action is needed, not words, New Civil Engineer

Environmental action is needed,
not words

  • The UK government has set a net zero emissions target for 2050, and the chancellor’s summer statement (July 2020), pledged £3bn for Britain’s environmental efforts.

News, Green Biofuels is fully operational during Coronavirus measures

Fully operational during Coronavirus measures

  • Despite the current Covid-19 pandemic however, we can confirm that we remain fully operational and will continue to supply our high performance, low emission fuels to  our many valued customers. 

News, ULEZ will help London's clean air

ULEZ will help London's clean air

  • Green Biofuels welcomes the introduction of the 24 hour Ultra Low Emission Zone in London today to help reduce harmful air pollution.

News, London, Future mobility in UK cities should include biofuel

Future Mobility in UK Cities Should Include Biofuel

  • Green Biofuels welcomes the Government’s Future of Mobility: Urban Strategy, setting out its approach to working with innovators, companies, local authorities and other stakeholders to develop benefits of new urban mobility technologies.

News, Caroline Lucas, Clive Lewis, Green Biofuels welcome New Green Deal

Green Biofuels welcomes new Green Deal

  • Green Biofuels fully supports the ‘Green New Deal’ Bill brought forward by Shadow Treasury Minister, Clive Lewis, and Green Party MP, Caroline Lucas.


Clean Air Day: how the construction industry can “Build Back Better ”

In 2020, air pollution levels fell to their lowest since records began. The biggest change in UK air quality was noted in levels of nitrogen oxides – exposure to which can cause severe respiratory problems, such as asthma and lung disease. According to a report published by DEFRA, levels of NOx reduced by 30-40% and NO2 by 20-30% over lockdown.


Green Biofuels joins forces with the government and industry backed inaugural Net Zero Week

We all need to radically reduce our carbon emissions to combat the effects of climate change.

The UK has legislated to be free of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Dispenser barge fuelled by GreenD+ on the Thames

River Thames to slash carbon footprint thanks to a new green floating fuel station from GPS Marine Contractors and Green Biofuels

A new collaboration between the biggest commercial vessel operator on the Thames, GPS Marine and Green Biofuels, the UK’s leading provider of clean advanced fuel GREEN D+ HVO, will help reduce London’s carbon emissions, improve local air quality, and boost the Thames’ drive to clean up and reduce pollution.


Biofuels International Features Green Biofuels

William Tebbit, CEO of Green Biofuels, looks closer at the energy transition strategy announcements from major companies that may come in the next 12 months.


Sky Sports pioneers new green production in Scottish Premiership

The live Scottish Premiership match between Kilmarnock and Celtic sees Sky Sports become the world's first live sports broadcaster to run a live production on GREEND+ fuel.


MPs on HS2 route write to Transport Secretary requesting adoption of 100% renewable diesel during construction of Phase 1

Adopting advanced fuels will improve local air quality, reduce greenhouse gases during construction and help HS2 achieve its stated sustainability targets


Keltbray Group is trialling the use of GREEND+ to fuel its excavators

The demolition specialist is testing GREEND+ Biofuel which is a Hydrogenated Vegetable oil (HVO) which can cut carbon dioxide equivalent emissions by 90%.

news-autofutures copy.jpg

Auto Futures reports on GBF as “The best kept secret in renewable fuels”

GREEND+ HVO is a sustainable renewable paraffinic diesel substitute. It reduces harmful emissions of NOx and Total Particular Matter (TPM). Being a drop-in fuel, it can be used immediately and without any changes to equipment, engines or fuel tanks – it can even be mixed with regular diesel in the tank.

HVO Bio fuel 4.jpg

Bentley switches to Green Biofuels to drive greener in-house logistics in Crewe

Bentley Motors has confirmed another step forward on its journey to becoming the most sustainable luxury automotive manufacturer as it announces the company will be the first luxury automotive brand to run its in-house logistics on 100 per cent renewable fuels. 


Fuel Solution Radically Reduce Carbon Emissions

Emergency Services Times comments that “The NHS is responsible for around 4% of the nation’s carbon emissions.  To combat this, at the beginning of October, the NHS Chief Executive Sir Simon Stevens laid out his vision for the NHS to be the world’s first ‘net zero’ national health service


Join a webinar to hear what greener alternatives to consider using to run delivery fleets and backup power supplies 

  • Companies are under more and more pressure to reduce their carbon footprint as consumers become aware of the need to move towards greener, more eco-friendly products.  


Join the launch of EIC's latest report, Alternative Fuels: Cutting dangerous air pollution faster

  • Green Biofuels’ CEO William Tebbit is a speaker at the launch of the EIC’s (Environmental Industries Commission) latest report, Alternative Fuels: Cutting dangerous air pollution faster.

News, GreenD+ featured in Renewable Energy Magazine

Renewable News features new green fuel product for the off-road market

  • New Green Fuel Product for Off-Road Market in the UK.  FuelBox and Green Biofuels have launched a new renewable, fossil-free, low emission fuel product for off-road vehicles which has already been taken up by Speedy Hire, the UK’s leading tools and equipment leasing company.

News, AZO Clean Tech and Green Biofuels news

Azo Clean Tech reports on Green Biofuels’ solution for British off-road machinery operators to radically improve air quality

  • Independent tests have confirmed that the New Stage V generators, developed through a collaboration between Power Electrics and Green Biofuels have the lowest emissions on the market

News, Green Biofuels featured on
  • GBF will be sponsoring John Powell Truck Racing for the remaining 4 races of the 2020 British Truck Racing Association Championship

News, New Era Fuels using GreenD+

Lowering carbon emissions using sustainable diesel alternative

  • Fuel & Lubricant distributor, New Era Fuels Ltd., has teamed up with Green Biofuels to provide GREEND+, a low emission fossil-free diesel alternative, so that New Era’s infrastructure and construction customers can significantly and instantly lower their carbon emissions and environmental impact.

News, Volker Fitzpatrick and Green Biofuels improve air quality and reduce GHG

VolkerFitzpatrick and Green Biofuels lead the way in improving local air quality and reducing greenhouse gases

  • Green Biofuels’ diesel alternative, GREEND+, will save VolkerFitzpatrick up to 4000 metric tonnes of CO2e emissions every year

News, Green Biofuels help UK festivals including Glastonbury Festival to cut emissions

Green Biofuels help UK festivals cut emissions

  • Green Biofuels are helping UK festivals including Glastonbury, save over 300 tonnes of C02 this summer by supplying them with Green D Biofuel.

News, Green Biofuels customers save 11,000 tonnes of carbon so far this year

Green Biofuels customers save 11,000 tonnes of carbon so far this year

  • Green Biofuels customers have saved an impressive 11,000 tonnes of carbon in the first quarter of 2019 by switching from diesel to our Green D biofuel.

News, Birmingham Clean Air Zone

Commercial fleet vehicles need support ahead of Birmingham's Clean Air Zone

  • With the introduction of Clean Air Zones (CAZ) in towns and cities, the pressure is on to find a commercially viable option so that operators can keep doing their job.