Motor Transport Magazine features Green Biofuels “the UK’s leading hydrotreated vegetable oil fuel”

Image by Lucas George Wendt

Steve Hobson, editor of Motor Transport Magazine reports on Green Biofuels’ product, GREEND+, “Since starting up seven years ago Green Biofuels has become the leading supplier of HVO fuel – and the market keeps on growing. GREEND+ is a drop-in replacement fuel that can be used in any diesel engine, producing dramatic reductions in both carbon emissions and local pollutants such as Nox and particulates. Green Biofuels buys base product and imports it in bulk to its main storage facilities on the Thames and in Liverpool.  The fuel is then dosed with a special additive the company has developed to improve the performance of standard HVO. It calls this product GREEND+, which it markets as a 100% renewable low emissions ‘bioliquid’ fuel for road transport, plant and machinery.


Performance Art

As well as almost eliminating carbon emissions – saving 3.9kg of CO2 equivalent for every litre used – GREEND+ emits far fewer local pollutants than standard diesel.  Independent testing at Millbrook on a Euro-6 engine showed;

  • GREEND+ has a 77% reduction in particulates

  • GREEND+ has a 29% reduction in NOx


Most of Green Biofuels’ UK road transport customers are large fleets with 500 to 1,500 vehicles using between 5m and 15m litres a year. GREEND+ can be stored for prolonged periods with none of the problems with algae that operators might have experienced with other biodiesels.  


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