Luckett’s Travel

Luckett’s Travel

The independent Millbrook Proving Ground test shows a reduction in NOx, CO₂e, CO₂ and Particulates.

Image by Robert Bye


Lucketts coaches wanted to find a cost effective way to reduce emissions and decarbonise coaches by using renewable fuels and without incurring additional capital expenditure.


Luckett’s Travel operates a number of National Express routes and chose to trial GREEND+ HVO in 2018. Two routes were chosen: Portsmouth to London and Portsmouth to Brighton. The routes routinely use 14 vehicles; these were split with seven of the vehicles running on GREEND+ HVO and seven on regular diesel so that a direct comparison could be drawn between the two.


GBF’s Solution

  • GREEND+ performed without any issue during the real world trail.

  • The independent Millbrook Proving Ground test conducted as part of the trial showed a reduction in NOx of 12%, CO₂e of 83%, CO₂ of 6% and Particulates of 57%.

  • Scania approves the use of GREEND+/HVO on all its engines from Euro IV onwards with no modifications or maintenance changes. 

  • Scania now hope that the results of the trial will lead to government and policy support to encourage HVO use within the coach sector.