Join the launch of EIC's latest report, Alternative Fuels: Cutting dangerous air pollution faster

Image by Magda V

Green Biofuels’ CEO William Tebbit is a speaker at the launch of the EIC’s (Environmental Industries Commission) latest report, Alternative Fuels: Cutting dangerous air pollution faster. 


The report argues that while we wait for a purely all-electric future for our vehicles, there are a series of easy wins that would significantly reduce dangerous air pollution. Alternative fuels such as LPG and HVO, already widely used across Europe and the rest of the world, can provide an almost immediate impact. For dense urban areas such as London the impact would be considerable. 


Through case-studies and analysis, the report explores how small policy changes could kickstart a market and lead to almost immediate improvements for all. 


The virtual launch event takes place 11am to 12noon Wednesday 7 October 2020, a day before #CleanAirDay, and features an expert panel.  


You can register via this link