Join a webinar to hear what greener alternatives to consider using to run delivery fleets and backup power supplies 

Image by Werner Sevenster

Companies are under more and more pressure to reduce their carbon footprint as consumers become aware of the need to move towards greener, more eco-friendly products. Fossil fuels have been around for years, but the introduction of biofuels means that companies now have greener alternatives to consider using to run their delivery fleets and backup power supplies.  Join our partners Adler and Allan for a webinar to understand what makes GREEND+ a good alternative to standard diesel, the improvements it can make to air quality and Green House Gasses (GHG), where it comes from and the simple process to switch from regular diesel. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and understand exactly what your options are.   


Join us for this webinar, where Gary Hickey from Adler and Allan, and William Tebbit and Magnus Hammick from Green Biofuels, will break down the myths associated with changing to biofuels and explain the benefits of doing so. 



11.30, 11th November 2020 

How do I join? 
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