John Powell is racing for Net Zero Carbon with Green Biofuels 

23rd August, Donnington



Green Biofuels is pleased to announce that the company will be sponsoring John Powell Truck Racing for the remaining 4 races of the 2020 British Truck Racing Association Championship 2020. The first three races of the Championship were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, however John Powell will be racing again in a DAF truck at Donnington race track on 23rd August. 

Image by Van Williams

As part of the sponsorship, Green Biofuels is supplying John Powell Truck Racing with 3,000 litres of GREEND+, a paraffinic alternative diesel fuel, which is the equivalent of 8.19 metric tonnes in CO2e emissions savings. JP Truck Racing will be using the fuel to transport its trucks and in the truck races themselves.  


Using a low-emission alternative fuel like GREEND+ brings JP Truck Racing in line with FIA racing standards. In 2019, the governing body for world motor sport and the federation of the world’s leading motoring organisations called to reduce emissions amongst all motor racing, with an aim to achieve carbon-zero motor racing by 2030. 


GREEND+ fuel reduces particulate emissions by up to 85% and Nitrogen Oxides by up to 30% compared to regular diesel, according to independent tests at the Millbrook specialist vehicle testing facility. Crucially, GREEND+ can be used immediately and without any changes to engines or fuel tanks, meaning that JP Truck Racing has been able to take actions to improve air quality and reduce the carbon footprint of truck racing, without costly upgrades to their trucks. 


GREEND+ is the leading HVO based (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) paraffinic fuel that significantly improves Local Air Quality, giving the lowest emission of any advanced fuel replacing standard diesels in plant and equipment on construction sites. The alternative fuel is aligned with each of the Mayor of London, TFL and Network Rail’s separate policies to reduce transport’s contribution to climate change with the use of, amongst other initiatives, biofuels.


John Powell, racing truck driver and owner of John Powell Truck Racing, commented: “I am really excited to be back on the race track, and to be racing with GREEND+ in the tank. We tested GREEND+ in the last round of Pembury last year and the results were just great: we had more speed, more top end power, and a cooler engine compared to last year’s fuel. I’m happy I can use a fuel that doesn’t carry a carbon footprint and I’m looking forward to what the partnership with Green Biofuels will bring.”  


William Tebbit, CEO of Green Biofuels, also said: “It’s great to see that John Powell has actually taken action on reducing the emissions associated with truck racing, and has chosen GREEND+ as the fuel to drive him over the finishing line. We’re looking forward to doing more testing with the British Truck Racing Association and Premier Diagnostics, the appointed judge of fact for the championship, to show that our fuel is the lowest emission fuel alternative out there, but still gives great performance.”