Green Biofuels welcomes new Green Deal

Green Biofuels fully supports the ‘Green New Deal’ Bill brought forward by Shadow Treasury Minister, Clive Lewis, and Green Party MP, Caroline Lucas.

Green Biofuels has been at the forefront of championing the need to reduce emissions through the use of biofuels in large fleet vehicles in road transport, marine and building generators. This Private Members Bill is a step in the right direction to accelerate efforts to cut carbon emissions.


immediate reductions in harmful emissions without any additional costs associated with upgrading engines to run on the fuel.


As a country we are making gradual steps towards creating a healthy environment for future generations through clean air zones and investment in new technologies. But there is a gap between the highly polluting diesel of today and the electric fleets of tomorrow.


By using GREEND+ in diesel  engine fleets right now, we can today deliver cleaner and healthier air for our environment.


William Tebbit, CEO of Green Biofuels:

“The Green New Deal is a bold decarbonisation plan for the UK, prioritising low carbon and zero-carbon in our transport system and industries. The younger generation has taken to the streets to demand action on climate change and, in support of this Bill, we call on Government, local authorities and businesses to use biofuels in fleet vehicles as it offers an immediate reduction in harmful carbon emissions”

Such cross-party support for climate change action also needs industry to get behind the current solutions to our air quality crisis. Our biofuel – GREEND+ – offers