Green Biofuels customers save 11,000 tonnes of carbon so far this year

Green Biofuels customers have saved an impressive 11,000 tonnes of carbon in the first quarter of 2019 by switching from diesel to our GREEND+ biofuel.

GREEND+ biofuel is a low emission fuel alternative to dirty diesel fuel. Using GREEND+ does not require any modification to engines. There is no need for costly upgrades - just fill up the tank and go.

Image by K8

of future generations and by using biofuels such as GREEND+ we are taking a step in the right direction.

Figures released last week by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy show that CO2 emissions from the transport sector dropped 3% last year but have only marginally changed since 1990. More needs to be done now to address the emission crisis.


As local authorities across the country introduce clean air zones, biofuels have a vital part to play in reducing emissions for large fleets in the short term. We encourage local authorities and managers of large fleets of diesel vehicles to act today to cut emissions through using biofuels.


William Tebbit, CEO of Green Biofuels:

“Transport makes up the biggest share of the UK’s climate pollution. The fact that our customers have saved 11,000 tonnes of carbon in Quarter 1 by using GREEND+ is a great start to the year.


We have big plans and an ambition to see Government, local authorities and large fleets of diesel vehicles trial our product. More people must wake up to the fact that GREEND+ is a common-sense cure to cutting emissions.”​

In the UK, more children suffer from respiratory conditions than anywhere else in Europe because of air pollution. We need to do more to protect the health