Future Mobility in UK Cities Should Include Biofuel

Green Biofuels welcomes the Government’s Future of Mobility: Urban Strategy, setting out its approach to working with innovators, companies, local authorities and other stakeholders to develop benefits of new urban mobility technologies.

Future of Mobility Minister, Jesse Norman MP, has said: “We are at a potentially pivotal moment for the future of transport, with revolutionary technologies creating huge opportunities for cleaner, cheaper, safer and more reliable journeys.”


advantage of the solutions already available to tackle poor air quality in our towns and cities.


Green Biofuels provides an alternative to fossil fuel – GREEND+ - which immediately reduces harmful emission from fleet vehicles which would otherwise run on diesel. There is a need for interim solutions, and it is disappointing that the transport sector is not fully behind biofuels while new environmentally friendly technologies are developed.


Our GREEND+ fuel is not a total solution. However, it is crucial in bridging the gap between the highly polluting diesel of today and the electric fleets of tomorrow.


We appreciate that businesses and infrastructure need time to adapt to the transport revolution we are seeing on the horizon. Green Biofuels fully supports policies to improve our transport system to create a modern and cleaner approach to transportation. But common-sense options such as biofuel which do not require capital expenditure and only a marginal extra operational expenditure cost, should also be considered in the future of mobility.


William Tebbit, CEO of Green Biofuels:

“While a long-term strategy to support the future of transport in urban settings is of course needed, not enough is currently done to address the emissions crisis in the short term. It is very important that both businesses and local authorities look at the solutions already available to them, which includes biofuels. Using GREEND+ does not require any modification to engines and there is no need for costly engine or vehicle upgrades - just fill up the tank and go.”

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Alongside commitments to harness new technologies and zero emission vehicles, we encourage Government, local authorities and business to take