Tideway and GPS Marine

Fuel for Tugs produces up to 90% less greenhouse gas emissions

Image by Red Morley Hewitt


Tideway is the company delivering the Thames Tideway Tunnel.  Their renowned More By River strategy is reducing the number of HGVs required to deliver the project with at least 90% of construction-related materials moved by River.



In 2019, when the UK Government officially introduced the legally binding Net Zero By 2050 legislation, the technology to achieve net-zero emissions in the maritime sector was at a very early stage. 


Tideway together with GPS Marine, the main marine contractor, are now delivering materials via a tug that functions on a 100% sustainable carbon-negative fuel.  At Kirtling Street, Tideway’s Contractor Ferrovial Laing O’Rourke are using the tug GPS Vincia that burns 100% GREEND+ hydrogen treated vegetable oil supplied by Green Biofuels Ltd to transport tunnel lining segments from Thamesport.

Tideway and GPS Marine have been able to provide port infrastructure, installing a barge to deliver GREEND+ fuel making it widely available and a viable alternative to marine gas oil. GREEND+ fuel will be available for other vessels, operators on the Thames and all future projects in London. This represents an important step for the marine industry towards aligning with the UK Government Net Zero commitment.

Green Biofuels have facilitated the loading of fuel barges from Stolthaven so that the fuel delivered on the river has no road tanker miles.  This facility holds over 2 million litres, which can be delivered directly by barge from the refinery.

Benefits of using GREEND+

  • NOx reduction by approximately 30%

  • Particulates reduction by 70%

  • Greenhouse emissions reduced by approx. 90%

  • Assist regeneration processes in exhaust gas treatment systems


It is estimated that GREEND+ produces 2.82 kg less CO2e for each litre used compared with traditional B7 diesel.


“Going electric or hydrogen is cost prohibitive at the moment.  GREEND+ is the right solution for Tideway right now.” Darren White, Head of Sustainability, Tideway


“By using GREEND+, we dramatically improve the sustainability and overall CO₂e savings benefits with little or no effect on reliability or cost effectiveness.” 

John Spencer, Managing Director, GPS Marine