FG Wilson Perkins P1500 generator 

FG Wilson Perkins P1500 Generator

Savills improves local air quality in the City of London with the use of GREEND+

Image by Gautier Salles


120 London Wall a prestigious office building in the City of London has 2 x 2MW generators operating as standby power situated within the building on the first floor of a 20 floor building. In addition a 1.5MW generator is situated on the roof of the building. 

The building manager Savills was keen to improve local air quality and reduce GHG. The issue facing the team was that it was impossible to remove the generators from the building hence a fuel solution was required.

In addition local air quality was an issue due to pluming and smoking on start up of the generators.



GBF’s Solution

GBF’s solution involved taking base line readings for emission with the existing EN590 diesel and then swapping over to GREEND+ and retesting emissions.

In conjunction with the existing fuel supplier GBF swapped out the fossil diesel and replaced it with GREEND+.

The emissions trials showed a reduction in NOx of 15% and TPM of 90%. In addition CO was reduced by 80% and CO₂ at tailpipe by 6%. As a key requirement was a reduction in GHG this was achieved by a 85% reduction in CO₂e.

The trial was a complete success and the building continues to run GREEND+


The building manager considers that they are the cleanest data centre in London!