What is Cocobale/Kokobale?

It is an art that was created by the enslaved Afro-Ricans who were living in Puerto Rico. It is comprised of short sticks, machete, knife, and un-armed combat, etc. It is derived from Bomba music and played in a cirlce. It is sometime seen in folkloric shows played with a longer stick/staff, showing two men arguing over a woman, using very basic stick patterns.

What is Calinda/Kalinda/Caringa?

Calinda is a form of stick fighting that is found in the Caribbean not just in Puerto Rico or Cuba. But in Puerto Rico it is also a rhythm found in Bomba music. In Cuba it was known as Caringa. It was known in many islands as a dance first and later become known as a stick fighting art. The stick is much longer than used in Cocobale. Some times it is performed in Folkloric versions of Cocobale and is confused as such.

What is "El Juego De Mani?"

Mani, means war, not peanut. It is the African word in Congo/Bantu for war. It is a game of war, that was passed down from enslaved Africans similar to Capoeira, La'gya and Da'mye, etc. Although there are many people in Cuba that are familiar with the word "Mani" they do not know it. There are folkloric groups that do demonstrate the folkloric versions of it, but they do not know the martial aspects of it. I teach both the folkloric and martial mani.

What is Kokoye?

Kokoye is a sub art of Mani. It is played in the beginning of the game. Only one or two people have written about it, but not many have seen it. I teach it and only pass it on the way that it was taught to me by my teacher Juan De Dios Ramos Morejon. I have guarded these arts with love and passion. Only to be passed on to the right people.