answers to all your questions

answers to all your questions

What makes Gd+ biofuel a good alternative to standard diesel?

What’s the difference between regular diesel and Gd+?

How does the efficiency of Gd+ compare to regular diesel?

Where does Gd+ fuel come from?

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How does GBF’s infrastructure operate?

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Why is a reduction in particulate matter so important?

Green House Gases (GHG) emissions and Tailpipe emissions, are they the same?

Cutting post-combustion emissions and pollutants by up to 90% is a big claim, what’s the basis for these bold claims?

How much Gd+ is available?

Isn't it better to switch to electric vehicles?

Do you use palm oil in Gd+?

UK RTFO Approved Wastes and processing resides for biofuels

What is in Gd+’s additive?

What does HVO look like on a global scale?

Aren't biofuels bad because they cause deforestation?

Can I purchase your fuel for my car?

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Aren't modern diesel engines low emission anyway?