Auto Futures reports on GBF as “The best kept secret in renewable fuels”

Image by Ryoji Iwata

Describe Green D+

GREEND+ is a sustainable renewable paraffinic diesel substitute. It reduces harmful emissions of NOx and Total Particular Matter (TPM). Being a drop-in fuel, it can be used immediately and without any changes to equipment, engines or fuel tanks – it can even be mixed with regular diesel in the tank.

What are its key benefits for the transport industry?

Being an organic waste-derived fuel, it reduces the greenhouse gas emissions significantly, and drops into your diesel engine with no modifications needed. All motor transport, plant and machinery can instantly reduce negative environmental impact and help protect local air quality. 

Where does it come from and how clean is it?

The HVO in GREEND+ fuel is manufactured in a number of refineries around the world. The fuel is entirely made from waste materials such as used cooking oils, tallows and other waste oil including a special additive not found in any other HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) fuels.

The fuel does not include any virgin crops; all waste products used are approved and defined in REDII (Renewable Energy Directive) 

Independent tests have shown that using GREEND+ fuel reduces particulate emissions by up to 86%, Nitrogen Oxides by up to 30% and CO2e levels by up to 90% compared to regular diesel.

What role can bio-fuels play in the future, in an increasingly electrified world?

Biofuels are a transition technology. While we are excited for mass electrification, there will be a percentage of legacy vehicles, machinery and equipment for many years after that point which will still require diesel to operate.

Biofuels like GREEND+ will be able to ensure that these run as environmentally efficient as possible until they are eventually phased out completely. 

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